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In this seminar, you will learn basic communication skills in emails and on the telephone. You learn how to react with confidence and professionalism in English, even if it isn’t your native language.

This seminar provides a mix of input and practical exercises. The focus is on applying what’s been learned and consolidating it in small groups and teams.

After the seminar you will be able to held basis conversations in English, you will know how to answer in a friendly way even if you haven’t understood everything. You can write and answer emails.


  • Understanding the cultural differences among international guests
  • Telephone communications
  • How to greet people in English; how to respond to questions; what to do if you don’t understand an inquiry
  • Receiving, parsing, and responding appropriately to complaints (in direct and indirect communications)
  • Using the phonetic alphabet in English
  • Learning the structure of emails in English (subject, salutation, content, closing)
  • Differing communication styles: direct and businesslike vs. indirect and personal
  • How to address a variety of recipients by e-mail; how to express criticism (in case of delayed payment, for example)
Target group:
Hotel and other service personnel, trainees, managing directors, department heads, and other employees in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry.
Group size:
Maximum 15 participants (minimum 5 participants)
9.30 - 17.00
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This seminar is also available as an in-house seminar or a one-on-one seminar.

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