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Country-specific training for Germany

In this interactive seminar, you gain a deep understanding of the German cultural area and, at the same time, strengthen your intercultural awareness and competence, to prepare for a stay in Germany or professional cooperation.

The seminar focuses on the cultural side of interpersonal and professional conventions, which can help bring about constructive and successful collaboration. What’s more, you learn about the historical, social, and cultural development of Germany.

Practical example, videos, photos, and stories support the groups of participants in their learning process.


  • Culture and perception
  • Stereotypes
  • Perception of oneself and others: What image do German people have?
  • Working in Germany: Company values (characteristics of hierarchy, taking decisions, giving and receiving feedback)
  • Relationship-building and communication
  • Traditions and values
  • Potential conflicts when cooperating with Germans
  • Small language guide and handbook (optional)
Target group:
Employers, managers, team and project leads and individuals who will live or work in Germany
Group size:
Maximum 15 participants (minimum 5 participants)

This seminar is also available as an in-house seminar or a one-on-one seminar.

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