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SEMINAR: Interkulturelle Teams führen am 16. Februar 2018


In this interactive seminar, you develop your understanding of cultural differences and get to know your own cultural imprint better.

You learn new methods for leading intercultural teams and apply a range of culture models to your own situation and to real-life case studies. You devise solutions to tackle intercultural team management.

After the seminar, you’ll be better equipped to gage the culturally shaped expectations of employees from different cultures and better skilled at allocating human resources. You’ll be sensitized to different communication patterns and you’ll be able to use them.


  • Requirements of a global organization and/or community
  • Leadership styles and types of culture
  • Changes of perspective (self-perception and external perception) taking Germany and another culture as an example
  • Understanding cultural patterns (even) better: hierarchy, perception of time, decision making, gender roles, giving and receiving feedback, communication (direct and indirect), building relationships
  • Practical examples: management misunderstandings and leading by example
  • Methods of resolution: intercultural team management
Target group:
Employers, managers, team and project leads
Group size:
Maximum 15 participants (minimum 5 participants)

This seminar is also available as an in-house seminar or a one-on-one seminar.

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