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Over a period of 10 years, I accompanied tour groups and delegations from all over the world through Europe. With my knowledge and experience, I developed seminars for hoteliers and tourism experts, to foster their understanding of cultural differences. This was the start of my company AK Kommunikation, now ak – Anna Kauert, which I founded in Berlin in 2010.

Since then, I’ve been working as an intercultural trainer and supervisor of international projects. More seminars focusing on France, Germany, and Northern Africa were added over time. Today, I prepare companies, institutions, and private individuals for stays abroad and support intercultural processes. I work in German, English, and French.

Anna Kauert
Anna Kauert


  • Diploma in Intercultural Communication
  • Certified Translator for English and French (native German)
  • Certified Intercultural Instructor
  • Certified Mediator
  • Company founder AK Kommunikation (2010)

Subject-specific expertise

  • Intercultural training: raising cultural awareness with a focus on Germany and France, plus general cultural awareness
  • Intercultural consulting: HR management, intercultural conflict management, process design and support
  • Moderation: seminars, presentations, events

Methodical skills

  • Dynamism and familiarity with many methods as an instructor
  • Dialog and motivation
  • Ability to combine theory and practice
  • Humor and levity
  • Skilled in sustainable knowledge transfer

What's important to me?

  • Inspiration and cultural contrasts
  • International understanding
  • Intercultural encounters and dialog
  • Openness and curiosity
  • Movement and change

Foreign countries and cultures fascinated me from an early age. As soon as I could, I began traveling. Back home, I dreamed of faraway places.

Growing up in East Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg quarter, I was fascinated by the cultural diversity that soon became established there in the 1990s, after German reunification. The fall of the Berlin Wall had a huge effect on my formative years and opened up new horizons.

After graduating from high school, I went to Paris to work as an au pair for a large French family. Sharing my life with them made a lasting impression on me. I discovered not only the country and the culture, but also intercultural differences. My fascination with France persisted.

I returned regularly, and still do. In 2009, I spent another year in Paris, this time as a cultural mediator. The prejudices and intercultural differences that I encountered during my work led to my desire to work as an intercultural trainer. Once fully qualified, I founded my company AK Kommunikation, today ak – Anna Kauert.

Anna Kauert


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