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Anna Kauert Seminar


Hospitality is demonstrated in varying ways in all of the world’s cultures. The desires and expectations of American guests, for example, can be quite different from those of French or Arab visitors. When welcoming guests, it’s always the first impression that counts!

This seminar thus concentrates on teaching participants how to be successful in associating with international guests and understanding related cultural differences.

Different lifestyle customs, cuisines, and other cultural particularities can quickly lead to false impressions and complaints in the hotel and restaurant industry. You can avert these problems by preparing your employees to accommodate the wishes of people from foreign cultures.


  • Different nations, different customs: varying values, norms, and methods; changing perspectives
  • What is hospitality, and how can I express it?
  • Understanding the cultural differences among guests, building bridges, avoiding faux pas
  • Comparing communication styles: direct vs. indirect
  • Strengthening communication skills in English
  • Barrier-free travel: How can I accommodate guests with disabilities in a reception area and at a hotel in general? Exercises from real-world scenarios
  • Have fun at work – and make your guests a part of it!
Target group:
This seminar addresses hotel and other service personnel, trainees, managing directors, department heads, and other employees in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry.
Group size:
Maximum 15 participants (minimum 5 participants)

This seminar is also available as an in-house seminar or a one-on-one seminar.

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