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Bild für den Seminar von Anna Kauert ARBEITEN IM INTERKULTURELLEN TEAM


In this interactive seminar, you develop an understanding of what culture is, how diverse it is, and the extent to which every individual is influenced by his or her culture.

The seminar concentrates on practically applying intercultural theories, actively reflecting on your own identity, becoming aware of your moral values and patterns of behavior, and decoding stereotypes.

Practical exercises give you ample opportunity to try out “being intercultural” and deal with otherness.

This seminar provides a mix of input and practical exercises. The focus is on applying what’s been learned and consolidating it in small groups and teams.


  • The meaning of culture and a culture shock
  • Culture-specific perceptions
  • Perception of oneself and others
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • Perceptas and Conceptas, iceberg model
  • Intercultural competence
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Introduction into cultural theories on the basis of examples
Target group:
For people who interact with different culture areas, work across national borders, or simply want to learn and know more about their cultural patterns.
Group size:
Maximum 15 participants (minimum 5 participants)

This seminar is also available as an in-house seminar or a one-on-one seminar.

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